Who, what and why?

My name is Aaron Manrique and I am a sophomore at Texas State University. I’m an advertising major with a minor in art and in my off-time I spend my time making digital art or playing music. Creation is something I am passionate about, so I also dabble in video making, photography and anything else I see potential in. However, I do have one other notable hobby: flea market hunting.

Now this isn’t just a bargain hunt, but rather a hunt for the unknown. What I mean is that flea markets have the potential to hold some of the strangest, most interesting things. Not knowing what these types of stores sell is what really draws me to them. It is because of this I felt it would be a fun idea to use this blog to record my travels and findings.

Cups I found at flea markets
Cups I found at flea markets

This blog is dedicated to the oddities and rarities I find at these markets. I want to show what these places have to offer and the fun that can be had on the hunt. I also plan to record vlog styled videos to further illustrate the experience and the atmosphere around it. Hopefully, I can peak people’s intrerest and inspire them to check out their own local markets. If you want to see my travels as they happen follow me on Twitter.


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