Fishing for goods at La Pulga

This past weekend I visited my hometown of Laredo, Texas. While I was there I figured I’d make a trip to one of my local flea markets. There are multiple in Laredo, including one that just opened (I’ll be going there for a future post), but I went for the tried and true route. I wentย to the Guadalupe Flea Market, also known as, “La Pulga”.

The Guadalupe Flea Market

Now this particular market is pretty contained compared to some other ones I’ve been too, but it could still hold some gems. The layout is a bit erratic because it’s situated in a large lot area close to downtown and there is also a section that is inside a small building. The vendors are nice and quick to answer any questions. Overall, the feeling I get from this market is a very homey one, but that could also stem from me growing up around these people.

Inside of the market

There was plenty to see, but nothing was really jumping out at me. I then spotted a funny-looking cap. It was a baseball cap with a plush fish popping out of the front, a signature on the bill and the word “Angels” on the back. I was amused, but I decided I’d keep looking and maybe go back for it later. I continued on for a few more hours with nothing to show for it. I ended up going back and buying the hat for $2, which was totally fine by me.

Fish hat

The hat itself grew on me the more I inspected it. The main draw is definitely the oddly colored 3D fish. I could only come to the conclusion that it was for some sort of sports team, judging by the Angels logo on the back. Either way, the hat makes me laugh and that’s all I could really ask for. “La Pulga” may not have had anything grand this time around, but that won’t keep me from coming back in search for more.

Back view
Front view

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