Annie Draws Things

I was browsing through blogs to follow when I stumbled upon Annie Draws Things. I am an artist ,so immediately I was drawn to it. My favorite kind of art is generally character design and cartoon aesthetics and Annie looked to deliver just that. I spent a while looking at some of her posts and as I kept scrolling, the more I liked what I saw. I followed the blog and figured I’d share my discovery.

Annie Draws Things consists of art pieces drawn by Annie. She works with pencil, ink and watercolors, so there’s a nice sense of variety in her work. As for the art itself, it ranges from character designs and fan art to more abstract patterns and designs. With each post she includes a brief description of the image, what inspired it, a personal anecdote or sometimes a motivational quote. In addition, her presentation is simple, clean and there’s not much to distract you from the art itself.

An example of one of Annie’s pieces

I wanted to bring attention to her blog because I personally found it inspiring. While not exactly similar to my flea market escapades, art is something I involve myself with heavily, and I am always looking for new creators to follow. I find her art style endearing and her use of color is fascinating. I highly recommend following her blog if you’re an artist or simply just want to enjoy her work. She also has an Instagram where she posts her work as well as other things going on in her life, so give her a follow.


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