A new calling to a new market

I mentioned in a previous post that there was a new flea market in my hometown of Laredo, Texas. Pulga Blanca opened roughly over a month ago and is located just a few miles from another flea market.

Pulga Blanca Flea Market

Pulga Blanca reminded me a lot of Trader’s Village, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Trader’s Village is one of the largest flea markets in Texas and has over 1,000 vendors and thousands of visitors each weekend. Pulga Blanca was structured with aisles of storage units much like Trader’s and also had several food stands and small amusement attractions. They had a venue for live music and an area where people can eat and dance. Laredo has multiple flea markets, but they are all in very rough areas with no solid foundation. The structure of Pulga Blanca is a welcome change of pace and makes it much easier to navigate.

Covered eating area
Aisles comprised of storage units

When I first got there I spent a few minutes scoping the area out and seeing what the new market had to offer. Once I gathered my surroundings, I began the hunt and started down the aisles. Again, there were vendors selling all sorts of things from furniture to Mexican candy. There was also a very communal feeling to the whole place because there were several times I saw someone I knew either browsing or selling something. I hadn’t been there too long when a phone caught my eye.

This was no ordinary phone, it was an old cord phone. And it wasn’t just any ordinary cord phone either. It was a Snoopy phone. It had a wooden base with a red top that housed the number keys. A smiling Snoopy held the yellow phone and was accompanied by his bird companion, Woodstock. It was a little worn with several scuff marks, but that didn’t deter me. I bought it on the spot and gave it to my mother because she is a big Peanuts fan.

Front View
Back View
Phone undocked

Overall, I found Pulga Blanca to be a good time and I feel it can only get better. The atmosphere is inviting and I’m sure with live music and more people, it’ll quickly become a staple stop the next time I visit.


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