A border town duology: Day 1

I found myself in Laredo again, but this time the findings were a plenty. Because of this, I went both days of the weekend, making these next two posts a double feature to end the Laredo flea market saga. This time I went to one of the most popular places known as the Border Town Flea Market. Border Town is located right next to another market I covered before, Pulga Blanca. The difference between them is pretty staggering considering how new and structured Pulga Blanca is. Border Town does have its charm though, and I find myself going back time and time again.

Border Town Flea Market

Again, much of what I described at the market on Guadalupe applies here. However, this time around instead of the parking lot/storage setting, the market rests on a large plot of land. Because of this, the area is very rocky, uneven and sometimes a little confusing to navigate. That being said, the potential finds more than outweigh the drawbacks of location. This time around I was able to find something I’m more than happy with. Fair warning that it’s more on the silly side rather than flat-out cool.

Border Town Flea Market
Vendors rarely specialize in a single good








I ended up finding a vendor with a surplus of plush animals, which is nothing too out of the ordinary. What made this one different was the fact that they had a giant gnome plush and when I say giant, I mean giant. It stands around 5 feet tall and for some reason has his hands perpetually stretched out behind his back. I immediately fell in love with it because I live for these kind of ridiculous things. I bought for $10, which was a pleasant surprise to me because I figured it had to have cost at least $15. Now the only question is left to ask is: What do I do with a 5-foot tall gnome plush?

Front View
Side View

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