A border town duology: Day 2

As I said before, I spent two days at the Border Town flea market in my hometown of Laredo, Texas. Saturday, I found the giant gnome and that left me feeling pretty excited. However, I was feeling as if there was something I missed. I had gone later in the day so a good number of vendors had already left and the sun was at its peak. I figured I’d go earlier on Sunday to see if I could find something even greater.

The first thing I gravitated towards was another plush. It was a small anthropomorphic hot dog. He had arms, legs, a shirt and a big smile. Generally, something like this would not really catch my attention, but what I really liked about it was his shirt. His shirt had text on it that read “WienerMan.” I’m still not sure why, but I found it hilarious and bought for only $1.

Front View
Side View









Next, is yet another plush. This time it was a giant fish. Not as giant as the gnome, but still big nonetheless. Again, I’m not entirely sure why I felt like I needed it, but that’s how I get my kicks. Apart from its size, there’s not a whole lot more to say about it. I bought it for $3.

The fish take up almost all of my couch

Overall, I found Border Town to be a great time and found a lot of great stuff. Great could be subjective in this case, but i’m happy with what I got. This is one of the most popular flea markets in town and for a good reason. If you’re ever in the area, definitely check it out.


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