Let’s recap

This whole blog is the first time i’ve ever done something like this and I feel like i’ve learned a lot. Aside from learning how to build a site, I found piecing together analytics and what works to be the most interesting part. I was pretty surprised with the results. The first week I started this site in February had the most traffic. The only other week that came remotely close was exactly a month later in March.

Weekly analytics

My introductory post was also my most visited post of all time and I found that pretty shocking. It goes even further though. The tweet promoting that first post had the most impressions and engagement of all my promotional tweets. That could explain why the views were so strong early on. I’m also assuming because I’ve never made a blog before, people were more interested to see what it was all about. The following post I made was also pretty strong so that’s what pushed that first week so high.

Promotional tweets for my first two posts

Another interesting thing to note was the amount of people from other countries that found my blog. Again, the first week was the most diverse and as time went on it slowly decreased.

Countries that visited my site

Originally I wanted to include a lot of video content in my posts, but never actually did it. That’s an aspect that I feel would really improve my site as a whole. Social media on the other hand, I feel really helped get the word out and bring people in. Most of my traffic came from my Twitter. A larger follower count would further help, but generally your followers are already interested in what you do if they follow you so they are more likely to check out what you link.

Overall, I feel the experience taught me a lot about up-keeping and using experiences to tell a story or inform people. If I were to do this professionally I would definitely try to push boundaries more and do my best to keep people interested.


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