Other Projects

Flea markets may be what this whole blog is about, but I thought I’d take my time to talk about the other things I do! My name is Aaron Manrique. I am from Laredo, Texas and I’m currently a student at Texas State University and majoring in advertising with a minor in art. When I’m not going to flea markets and buying questionable things, I spend most of my time making art and music. I like to describe myself as being creatively driven so I also won’t limit myself to just art and music.

Fit Kisto Photo by: Arturo Fernandez

Ever since I was a little baby boy, music was always a driving force thanks to my dad. He was a musician, played in multiple bands and still does to this day. He was really why I decided to pick up the bass and guitar over 7 years ago. Now, I have my own band, Fit Kisto, and it’s been what I’ve been most proud of in recent years. We have two EP’s on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes with another planned for this summer. Occasionally, I’ll make my own tracks and post them on my Soundcloud.

Design and coloring practice

Art is another focus of mine. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but I only just started pursuing it more seriously a few years ago. I specialize in digital art so most of it involves a computer and a tablet. I really enjoy character design and cartoony styles. I dabbled in animation and it’s something I would love to seriously practice, but that’s more of a long-term goal. I recently started doing commissions and although I feel I have much room for improvement, people seem to like it. I have a website that’s still in the works where I plan to post all my drawings, but generally the best place to see my work is on Twitter.